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How long does delivery take?


Free shipping -The pacifier is hand-made and to order it takes 3-5 days to process.Shipping takes 14-21 days. We have the most advancedTRACKING to keep fully updated on your delivery details.


Fast shipping - 10 working days, you can pay $5.00 at checkout.


What are my delivery options?

All orders are delivered using the best shipping option for your country. USPS ,Royal Mail, Canada Post, Australia Post, DHL etc.

What countries do you deliver to?

We currently deliver to:

United States

United Kingdom

South Africa



New Zealand




How long does delivery take?

It takes 5-7 days to process the order because the pacifier is hand-made and to order. It then takes 2-3 weeks to ship. Allow 3-4 weeks in total.

If you have not received your order within 45 days from when it was shipped we will issue a full refund.

Track My Order?

It takes 5-7 days to complete your order then we update your order with the tracking number.

You will be notified by email and text message when your order ships and you will receive the tracking.

You will be notified by email and text message when your order ships and you will receive the tracking.

You can track you order if the tracking number has been added to your order . TRACK HERE

It can take 2-3 days from when we dispatch your package to the shipping company before the tracking activates.


If your last entry on the tracking says:

"Arrive at international airport to abroad" This means your package is in flight to your country.

"Arrived at airport of destination".This means your package is now in your country. The tracking will then update when customs has cleared and scanned your package. This can take a few days.

Unfortunately due to COVID some sorting centers take a few extra days to get all packages sorted to their right destination. If your package has not moved for more than 7-10 days then please contact us and we will try to get an update for you.

Your tracking entries may not look exactly the same but the process is the same.

Arrive at international airport to abroad Arrived at origin airport and will need customs clearance.

Custom clearance completedYour package has cleared customs in the origin airport.

Departed from AIRPORT of Origin Your package has gone in flight from the origin country to your country.

Arrived at AIRPORT of Destination Your package has now arrived in your country.

Delivery to local courier Means your package has been sent to the first USPS checkpoint city. Delivery is typically 7-10 days from this point.

Arrived at USPS Regional Facility depending on what city there can be 2 of these entries for cities along the delivery route. ETA 6-7 DAYS.

Departed USPS Regional Facility On the way to your local Post Office ETA-2 DAYS

Arrived at Post Office/Arrival at unit Typically means your package will be delivered within 1 day.

Out for Delivery Your package will be delivered today.

Your package may be delayed for 2-4 days at one of these stops depending on the current delays. If your package has not moved for more than 7 days please contact us.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANTto double check you have submitted the correct shipping address when you make the order. The most common reason your package wasn't delivered, and it gets returned is because the shipping address is either not 100% correct or it is missing some details. Keep in mind it takes 30-60 days before the package arrives back with us. If you want a new order sent before that time you will need to pay for the shipping and handling cost of $6.00.

Another reason can be the mailman could not deliver the package because they could not access the property, or there was no one home to receive the package and no secure location to leave the package.

SOLUTION:Call your local Post Office and give them your tracking number. Your local tracking number ie:USPS can be found on your tracking page

USA -USPS: tel:8002758777

UK -ROYAL MAIL-03457 740 740

CANADA - CANADA POST -tel:416-979-3033

FOR CYPRUS -Cyprus Post -22800100

If you can't find your package:

1. Check with your neighbors,sometimes the mailman will leave the package there.

2. Check around the front area of your house, sometimes the mailman will try to leave in a secure location.

3. Sometimes it will show delivered on the tracking but the package will be delivered a few hours later.

If you can't find your package and it says delivered on the tracking, the best thing to do is call your local Post Office and give them the tracking number. We don't have any control over the package after it ships.

USA -USPS: tel:8002758777

UK -ROYAL MAIL-03457 740 740

CANADA - CANADA POST -tel:416-979-3033

FOR CYPRUS -Cyprus Post -22800100

Can I change the order details?

Please make sure you have the correct spelling and the correct name when you order. You have 24 hours where you can request a name change, after that the order is added to processing and can't be changed. We can attempt to get a name change after 24 hours but can't guarantee it. If the name change is successful the order will be reset and will be added to the current days orders, so expect the full processing and shipping time.

If you have already received the pacifier and have changed the baby's name, We do offer an option to send out labels which you can change yourself by removing the label ( watch video) and adding the new labels we send (watch video) If that is something you want to do let us know, it will only cost the shipping and handling which is $6.00

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT you add the correct shipping address when you make the order. We can update the address in the first 72 hours but after that the order is sent to logistics to be shipped and can't be changed. We have no control over the package after it ships and the address can't be changed after it ships.

1. Open you email app or program.

2.In the search option type our email support@pacifierbling.com

3.For future emails add support@pacifierbling.com to your email contacts.

4.If you still cant find or are not receiveng emails, contact us directly for support HERE

How do I clean & care for my pacifier?

It is advised to avoid washing in water if possible. Water and soap can not only cause the center monogram to lift but can also cause dis coloring to plated jewelry if it is not dried thoroughly . Perfumes, creams, lotions, and makeup all contain substances than can affect plated jewelry. Some soaps and detergents are stronger and harsher than others. Any substance that isn’t PH neutral can potentially affect your plated jewelry.  We advise to use sterilize wipes or a UV sterilizer that are more effective for sterilizing your baby's accessories in general.